Feeling Snappy + I Need Advice

So my little sister's been trying to convince me to jump on the snapchat bandwagon for a very long time now. Quite frankly, I should have listened to her earlier.

I took the jump this weekend and just signed up.

It's flipping awesome! I'm currently terrible at it and may have accidentally sent random people a fourth of July pic this morning. But that's part of why it's so enjoyable. It's stress free.

Who are your favorite people to follow on snapchat?! My user name is PatriciaBFrance . :) Can't wait to see you there!

Mandatory post picture. Isn't that the cutest little baby bum you've ever seen? ;)

Changing the subject now... Advice please?

I'm considering purchasing a domain name, but not sure whether I should go with Patriciabinfrance .com or Patriciabaret .com .

I've noticed a ton of people just eventually switch over to using their full name anyways, but I also like "Patricia B in France."

Any opinions on this???

Thanks! xoxo


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