Do you speak French fluently?
Oui, though I certainly didn't at first. It took a lot of hard work and embarrassment to get where I am today.

What language do you speak at home with your husband? English right?
Nope. We speak French and occasionally kid around in English. However we do speak English with the kiddos.

What's it like living in Paris?
I have never, ever lived in Paris, so I couldn't tell you. I know that this disappoints some people but Paris is cold and wet most of the year. It's a gorgeous city, but I love living in the south!!! :)

If I send you the money to buy them, can you send me things from France?
Sadly, no. I'm not sure that this is entirely legal (Do I send it as merchandise or as a gift?...). Not to mention custom buying can be very time consuming.

When are you moving back to America?
Quite possibly never. We haven't completely ruled out the option, but we have no intention of heading State side. It's just not in our plans.

Are the French rude?
I'm sure some of them are, just like some Americans are. Thankfully this is pretty rare. You can read all about that here.


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