Motivational Tuesday

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Motivational Monday, does it? Luckily, catchy titles are not a priority for me today. I just really wanted to share this quote I stumbled across with you. :)

I've avoided a lot of things in my life because I didn't want to fail at them.

I wanted to take a photography class in college, because, despite my complete lack of talent, I enjoy taking pictures. It makes me happy. But I don't have an artistic eye for composition and didn't want to risk ruining my 4.0 gpa.

I've had the opportunity to make friends as an adult, but held back in those relationships or avoided getting too close because of personal insecurities. Sure, they seem to like me now, but what if they think I'm obnoxious over time? What if I share parts of me with them, and they think I'm stupid? I'm not nearly as cool/smart/pretty/talented/kind/etc. as her...

Sadly, I think of lot of us miss out on opportunities, because we're so fixed on the idea of failing, and it terrifies us. Not doing as well as we like hurts our egos and feelings. It takes us to that black, little space in the corner of our minds that we've always been running from.

But you know what? We've all sat in that darkness at one moment or another, and we're okay now - or we will be soon. We get back up and blindly stumble through until we find the light switch or a door, maybe even a window.

Failure truly is temporary. It hurts, but then we pick ourselves back up.

I wish I'd learned that earlier in life. Maybe I would have missed out on less.


Here's to accepting failure and embracing the embarrassing for the sake of progress! 

Happy Tuesday Ladies!


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