Amelia's Birth Story

Dear friends, I chat too much and feel like this video reflects that. ;) It was originally over half an hour long, so hopefully it still makes sense, even with the cuts and jumps!

Labor and delivery was the best part of my whole pregnancy. To be frank with you, it was a major relief. Hopefully, someone somewhere will be able to relate. And if any other pregnant lady out there is dealing with incessant, high power, ninja contractions, I hope this story will bring her a bit of hope.

Laurent was a bit surprised to see himself in my thumbnail - and worriedly inquired if I'd included him in a video. After some teasing, he promised to do a video with if I ever hit 100,000 subscribers. "We'll be really, really old when you hit that number."

Challenge accepted. ;)

Kidding of course. How on earth would you ever be able to interact with 100,000 people? I have trouble responding to comments and not losing e-mails as it is!


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