Why People are Unfollowing you on Twitter

First off, it's probably not about you. It's about them.

No really. I'm not saying that to make you feel better. Sure, you probably drive some people nuts. But the majority of people who unfollow you on Twitter are doing so as part of a marketing scheme to get them more followers.

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The Sketchy Strategies?
Note: The following is not advice, nor recommended. 
It's just what happens.

1. Follow as many related accounts as possible.
Write a beauty blog? Great! Then find a popular-ish beauty blogger and follow everyone who's following her. Obviously, the people following her are into following beauty bloggers, and there's a chance they'll see you've followed, and click on your profile out of curiosity. Because hey, everyone's flattered when they think someone's taken interest in them.

2. Follow anyone who uses certain keywords in their accounts.
Small businesses do this a lot! You're selling macarons? Type macarons into Twitter's search box and follow everyone and anyone who's talking about them. These people are your target audience and might check out your profile when they see you've followed them.

3. Like every status that uses a certain hashtag.
I see this one on instagram a lot as well. A person sees that you keep liking her photos and is flattered, especially if she's got fewer than a thousand followers. If you keep liking her stuff, she's likely to check out your profile.

4. Unfollow anyone who doesn't friend you back within a set limit of time.
This is where things get sketchy. There are several apps that will do this for you automatically. Some accounts do it the next time they see one of your tweets come up, the logic being "She must have seen that I followed her already if she's tweeting and didn't follow me back."

Chances are, there aren't really 5 people who unfollowed you this morning, because they were offended by your Cheerio's tweet.

5. Refollow some of these accounts.
If you keep unfollowing and following the same people, there's a higher chance that they'll eventually notice you're popping up in their feed, or think "Hey, isn't he already following me?" making them want to click over to your profile.

6. Follow thousands of people randomly.
Some people, especially newbies, will follow back anyone who follows them and a lot of scammy accounts take advantage of this.


See? Most of the time, it's got nothing to do with you as a person!

Sometimes it might be personal - but that's a whole different kind of post.

Or maybe the other person's just moved on.

Remember: You can be the world's most delicious, juiciest peach! But there will still be people who hate peaches.

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