What's in my Hospital Makeup Bag?

I have a really hard time limiting my makeup stash when I travel. Clothing's never a problem - I just throw in a few basics, then mix and match. But makeup? What if I suddenly feel the need to wear a smokey eye or a peachy blush? Slimming down to the basics is really hard for me.

What's in My Hospital Makeup Bag?

Today, I thought I'd put a small twist on the traditional "what's in my makeup bag" and show you the pretties that I'm bringing to the hospital. Keep in mind that I will probably have lots of visitors during my stay and the hospital will be keeping me for at least three extra days.

Waterproof mascara - Because traditional mascara isn't well known for holding up well to blood sweat and tears. Plus, you can be sure that a good waterproof mascara won't leave you with panda eyes. I really love the waterproof version of Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express. It really locks in my curl all day and separates the lashes really well.

Good undereye concealer - Because exhaustion and labor seem to go hand in hand. I really like the Erase Paste in fair 01 by Benefit. But any brightening concealer with decent coverage should do the trick.

CC cream - Pushing and straining for hours can really take a toll on your complexion. So I'll probably want to smooth that out a bit the morning after. BB cream, CC cream, or tinted moisturizer, whichever you prefer, should get the job done quickly and brush-free! Also, let's stop pretending like those are three separate products. They're all just code for lightweight bases.

Benefit Gimme Brow - Because I'm addicted to it, talk about it all the time on this blog, and take it with me everywhere. Plus the size is super travel friendly.

A favorite palette - Because they are so freaking practical. The NARSissist cheek, lip, and contour kit is what I'll be slipping into my bag. It's got lip gloss, blush, bronzer and highlighter - all in one little palette. Plus, the bronzer and highlighter can easily be used as eyeshadow when you're in a pinch.


Now, obviously, no one needs makeup when they're going to deliver a baby. No one. But I'm going to be in the hospital for at least half a week and it makes me feel good. Why not bring it?

Happy Tuesday Ladies!!


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