What's in My Hospital Bag? • Mommy Monday

36 weeks now ladies! But for some reason, I keep telling people it's 26 or 46 weeks. Baby brain much?

Best part of this week: The itching is calming down, and we're 99% sure that it's an allergy. Also, two people let me skip ahead to the front of the line because of my massive belly. That sure was nice of them!

Worst part of this week: Painful, regular Braxton Hicks contractions.

I've finally packed my hospital bags, though apparently forgot to mention a few important things.

No worries though! It's all written down below, including the things that my hospital asked for - some of which I don't plan on bringing. Such a rebel!

No. But really. I use my hair dryer maybe once every two weeks. Why am I suddenly going to need one while I'm at the hospital? Why? (Maybe some of you wiser moms who've been through this have the answer - feel free to share in the comments!)

You may also notice that I didn't list the make up I'm bringing, but I've decided to put that in a separate post to go along with this video, for those of you who are interested. I know that not everybody thinks that makeup is a delivery/labor necessity. ;)

Video Info

I finally packed my bag! :) 

What’s in Baby’s hospital bag? Video Coming Soon!
What’s in my hospital makeup bag? Post Coming to Blog!

•What's in My Maternity Bag?•
(I'll add things to this list as I add them to my bag over the next few weeks) 

Bobby Pins
Hair Elastics
*Disposable Underwear
Contact Solution
Contacts Case
Hand Cream
*Lip Balm
*Ear Plugs
*Plastic garbage bag to collect all of mine and baby's dirty clothes during our stay!
*Any paperwork your hospital asks for! (Insurance, ID cards, etc.)

Shampoo &Conditioner
OR Dry Shampoo
Face Cream
Nursing Pads
*Doctor Approved PH Balanced Toiletries
Lanolin Cream
Makeup Removing Wipes
Flip Flops
Tooth Brush
Dental Floss
*3 Nursing Nighties
(I'm only bringing 2)
Going Home Outfit
*Robe - Takes up too much space in our bag. We'll grab this at the last minute.
*Hair Dryer - Again this takes up a ton of space. If I need it, I can always ask my husband to go home & get it. 
*Maternity Pads - Just realized that these are listed on one set of papers that I got on the hospital, but not on the other...
Camera Bag - will also carry this separately.

All items marked with a * were specifically requested by my hospital.

Where to find me:

Scarf - H&M
T-shirt - Back East Basics

Let me know if you have any questions for next weeks video, and if there are any videos that you'd like to see in the future. Make sure you click on subscribe! :)

- Not a sponsored video, and there are no affiliate links.


Update: The Q&A video that I promised is coming! I just have so many video ideas at the moment... :). I'll be filming that this week and hope to put it up right after delivery when I'll be feeling way too tired to film and edit. I'm still taking questions though, so feel free to ask whatever you'd like.


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