The Proper Use, Care, and Washing of Eyelash Curlers

Last week, we chatted about what eyelash curlers are actually supposed to do. Now that that's cleared up, I thought we'd jump right into the practical side of things. Are you using and taking care of your eyelash curlers correctly? The answer might surprise you. Hint: I don't.

And if there is a anyone, anyone at all, who already does all of these things on a regular basis, you win a bajillion brownie points. You're also probably a much better/more organized human being than I am.


Always check that the top metal/plastic frame is lined up correctly against the rubber pad before each use. If it's a little off center or wonky in anyway, you risk breaking your eyelashes.

• Press down very gently. Your eyelash and eyelid are very fragile. There's no need to squeeze roughly. Multiple light squeezes are more effective.

• Learn more than one technique. There are hundreds of different methods. None of them are right or wrong, unless they're not working for you personally. Luckily, there are tons of  blog and Youtube tutorials that specially feature eyelash curling.


•Replace your eyelash curler yearly for best results. The metal mechanisms can be delicate and fragile, curling your eyelashes less effectively over time, even if you replace the pad.

• Properly store while traveling. Eyelash curlers are delicate. That frame can break or get bent out of shape easily. Remember, if the frame gets off a bit, you could end up chopping off your eyelashes the next time you go to curl them.

• Keep out of reach of children. SO many curlers come with this warning on the packaging and with good reason. Sharp metal tools for your eyes do not make good toys.

• Replace the rubber pad if it gets torn, cracked or broken in anyway.


• Wipe down after each use with a dry cloth or tissue.

• Clean with soap and water, just like you would your brushes, at least once a week.


See what you can learn from reading product instruction manuals? You obviously can use your eyelash curler however you want! These are just a few tips that might help you trouble shoot if your curler isn't working the way you want.

Anyone else have any tips and tricks to get the most out of this beauty tool?

Also, does anyone really replace them every single year? Pretty sure I used the same curler from middle school all the way up to last year. Oops!


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