Everything You Didn't Know About Eyelash Curlers

I've gotten really into reading directions on products over the last year or so. There are so many products where the usage seems pretty obvious and not something you need a manual for. And yet... I read tons of makeup reviews everyday where the person reviewing the product hates it, because she's using it incorrectly! And I feel for them, because I've been there too!

Splitting this up into two posts, I thought we'd dive into the subject of eyelash curlers, because this has got to be one of beauty's most misused products. Also, too many people seem to have completely unrealistic expectations about what eyelash curlers can/should do for them. Let's clear a bit of that up!

A quick guide to getting better use out of your eyelash curler.

What Your Eyelash Curler Should Do

• Curl your eyelashes.
Like an actual curvy curl shape. If your curler makes them stick up straight or at an angle, it's probably not a good eyelash curler. Get a new one and look for a curler with a rounded rubber pad. A flat pad will crimp your lashes rather than curling them.

• Separate and make your eyelashes appear longer. 
At least temporarily.

• Make the eye area look more open and brighter.

• Help you achieve that false lash look.

What Your Eyelash Curler Should Not or Will Not Do

• Keep your eyelashes curled all day.
Not a chance. You know how some girl's hair won't hold a curl? Same goes for eyelashes. You need product! Regular mascara won't help you much here and in some cases will even pull down your lashes a bit. Feel free to experiment to find which one works best for you, but a good waterproof mascara should do the job and keep those lashes in place!

• Make your eyelashes longer and thicker.
It will just make them look longer, temporarily. Do curling irons make your hair grow longer? Heck no. It just changes the texture temporarily.

• Pinch your eyelids.
Try to be very careful. If that doesn't work, think about switching brands to find a curler better suited to your eye shape.

• Remove or cut off your eyelashes.
Chuck it. Just throw it away now!


Think your eyelash curler is a pretty straight forward tool? Check back Tuesday for the proper care and use of your curler. You might be surprised at how you're "supposed" to be using it and how often you should be investing in a new one!


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