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Still no bébé, but I've been feeling for weeks now that she might just decide to hang out until the very end. My American due date is in two days and despite frequent contractions, I don't feel like she's in a hurry. (French due date is next Saturday.)

Laurent's preparing for end of year exams, and he informed me that tonight's class is the one class that he absolutely can't miss - so bébé has to wait until at least tomorrow to make her grand appearance. I secretly hope she overheard and decides to make things difficult. ;)

Pregnancy Tip: Plan things to do, where feelings won't get hurt if you have to cancel, during your last two weeks of pregnancy. Because if you get to the very end and have absolutely nothing fun to look forward to, you might drive yourself crazy, and start feeling really bummed that baby's not here.

Monday: Sat at home waiting for baby to show up. Ended up googling ridiculous things to see if they were potential signs of labor. They weren't.

Tuesday: Went on a hunt to find baby the perfect sun hat with velcro ties. No luck. Spent the day at the Zoo/park thingy with Laurent and walked the stairs to the top of a major hill in Lyon twice!

Wednesday: Went on a "virtual" tour of my local maternity. A lady asked if she should bring reading material in her delivery bag, and the midwife leading the tour looked at her like she was nuts. "I don't think you realize what labor is like. You will be busy. You're not going to a tea salon for heaven's sake! But sure. Bring whatever you'd like!"

Thursday: Back on the hunt for that perfect bébé sun hat!


So that's where we're at! No bébé yet. I'll be sure to let you know when she does decide to drop in though!

What's the most fun thing you've done so far this week? xo


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