39 Weeks • Mommy Monday

(Not mentioned in Video)

• Wondering if my feet will go back to their pre-pregnancy size. I don't have a ton of shoes, but I do love the ones I have! I want to keep them.
• Dealing with an irrational fear that the baby is never going to really come out. (This is apparently a common fear at the end of the third trimester).
• Have absolutely no fear concerning the labor, as I'm half convinced that I'll never go into labor.
• Terrified of going over the due date because of a family member who lost her baby post-term, as well as dealing with the fear that comes from my own miscarriages. Sometimes, I'm afraid that my body's not capable of carrying and delivering a healthy baby.
• Trying to finish answering e-mails and tie up loose ends.
• Irrationally loving the smell of laundry detergent. Every time I go to the grocery store, I walk through that aisle just because it makes me happy.

Happy Monday Everybody!!! :)


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