37 Week Update • Mommy Monday

Bits of randomness:

• It's officially impossible for bébé to be born prematurely. If she were born today, she'd be early term, which is exciting. Laurent and I can't wait to meet her!

• I have been extra, extra hungry these last two weeks and hope the extra nutrition is going to make some cute, fat baby cheeks. Sa Maman has chubby enough cheeks, thank you very much. ;)

• False labor. Summary: Contractions that last 1-2 minutes, come every 2-3 minutes, and go on like that for hours, only to disappear, then reappear several hours later. It's driving me absolutely nuts.

• My friends threw me a surprise baby shower this weekend that was absolutely perfect. But I'll chat about that more in next week's update. :D

Happy Monday Ladies!


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