3 Things That Make Me Feel Beautiful

It's no secret that I like makeup. A lot. Maybe way too much. .:Inserts Madonna's Material Girl Here:.

But as pretty and fun as that as is, beauty is so much more than that. Today, I'd like to make this a collective post and hear what makes you feel beautiful. Feel free to list three things in the comments below and link back to your blog. I can't wait to read your answers! :)

To get started, I asked the two gorgeous, smart women on my sidebar to share three things with us.

Amanda is a newly-engaged, American expat living in England, who blogs over at Rhyme & Ribbons. She has an MA in Acting and is a seriously good baker. Handing the stage over to Amanda with her three things:


A long walk outside in the sunshine, a good swipe of mascara, and having a good laugh with friends!
Being from New Mexico, I think I'll always be a child of the sun, even while living in England. Some sunshine and some fresh air always make me feel great!

I don't wear a lot of makeup, (mostly because I'm rubbish at it), but when I do, I'll swipe on some mascara. It instantly makes me look more awake. And I think that everyone is at their most beautiful when they are having a great time.

Where to find Amanda:



Samantha and her husband (an ex-Parisian police officer who got sick of seeing so many tourists get scammed) blog over at Safety Scouts. It's a project founded by her husband, that's aimed at preventing tourist fraud. If you're traveling or planning on study abroad anytime soon, you need to check out this blog! Here's a little intro:

When I was visiting Paris at 15, I totally fell for this scam.

Also, I love Samantha because she once told me what the French word for American style bacon was, and thereby saved the recipe I was whipping up to take over to my in-laws for Easter dinner that evening. #funfact

1. I work out a lot, and there is nothing like a great workout that pushes you to your limits and leaves you feeling strong and empowered.

2. Special occasions - anniversaries, family events, etc - when I have the time to put some extra effort into my outfit, hair and make-up.

3. And this is probably really cheesy, but - the way my husband looks at me in the morning after waking up, when we're still snuggled in bed.  It must be love if he can see past the bed head and the bare face, and still find me beautiful. :)

Where to find them:


A special Thank You to the ladies above for participating! :) 

Don't forget to tell us your 3 things that make you feel beautiful (with a link to your blog if you'd like) in the comments below. I'm so excited to read these!


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