"There's Even Glitter in the Toilet"

I do believe that it was Ellen Degeneres who coined the phrase, "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." I love glitter, but think that sums up how you feel when dealing with the aftermath.

It's been a few days since I posted, because after Tuesday's ultrasound, we both decided that Baby's corner of our bedroom needed a little sprucing up. We aren't following a particular theme and just wanted to add in a few golden accents.

Choosing the DIY route to save money, we're down two bottles of mismatched spray paint, a picture frame, a clock, and several hours of time spent in public transit searching for the perfect shade of gold.

It probably would have been cheaper just to buy everything already made. Turns out, we're pretty bad at DIYing things... There will be no video or tutorial coming.

But we did learn one vital lesson!

Glitter Hides a Multitude of Sins

No Judgements. We're only about half way through here. ;)

We weren't originally planning on using any sort of glitter in Baby's corner, but we also didn't want to throw away the pictures frames that we nearly destroyed . You can't see much here, but it's turning out pretty well and I've finished the unfinished glitter frame in the picture. Sigh...

I'll definitely do a little tour of her corner when everything's all done and pretty. Not sure that'll be anytime soon though!


Happy Thursday! And remember, when it comes to spray paint, thin coats win the race.


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