Products Worth the Splurge

Ever find a product that makes you feel like a million bucks that maybe also feels like it costs a million bucks. Yeah. That sucks. Thank goodness presents on birthdays and Christmases are a thing. (Obviously it's nice getting things, but it's also awesome buying someone a present that makes them feel fantastic.)

Today, I'm sharing a few products that I'm very happy to have invested in. I'd love to hear what products you think are worth splurging on as well! :)

Benefit's They're Real Mascara
I was not convinced that this mascara was worth it, until I watched Wayne Goss explain how wiping off the excess mascara on the wand before applying prevented clumps. Mind blown. This mascara became at least 10x more efficient after that. Thank you Youtube.

Creme Cup Lipstick by MAC
"Just a boring pink," they said. Supposedly, there's even a pretty good Revlon dupe. But I live in a country where Revlon is only a euro or two cheaper than the real thing, so I splurged. This is by far my most used lip color, though I will admit that it clings to dry patches. Exfoliated lips are the way to go. It just seems to enhance my dressy makeup looks, complete the casual ones, and reapplies like a dream with or without a mirror.

Benefit's Gimme Brow
I'm on a desperate hunt for a cheaper version of this, but none of the others really do it for me. I can fill, enhance and set my brows with one swipe of this. The color is perfect and my brows still look very natural.

Benefit's Erase Paste in Fair
I suffered from extreme exhaustion during the first two trimesters and looked like a walking corpse some days, no matter how much sleep I got. Even work colleagues were commenting on my very gray complexion and dark under eye circles. It was bad. Hence my need for a sturdy undereye concealer. The erase paste gets the job done for me like no other.

I very rarely find a drugstore eyeshadow that agrees with me. I personally think that the Urban Decay Naked palettes are worth the splurge for beginners, because there are a bajillion tutorials on Youtube and beauty blogs explaining how to use them to get different looks.

*This post was in no way sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.


Alright ladies, what products do you think are worth the splurge? 
Happy Thursday!


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