A French Baby Haul • Mommy Monday - Link Up?

I planned on posting both a 33 week update and a haul video this week, but no luck. We live in a one bedroom apartment and have had family here all weekend. It's been both beautiful and squished, making filming a video where I talk to myself out loud for 15 minutes a bit more embarrassing than it normally would be.

However, I did put together a little baby haul video a while back that I had a lot of fun filming. :)

We're still in the process of getting everything ready for baby. So if you have any suggestions of products that you loved, please, please share!

Last week, one of my blogging friends suggested that I turn Mommy Monday's into a weekly link up, and I wanted to know how many of you would be interested in that? I'd love to have a weekly theme and maybe even collaborate with a few other bloggers for co-hosting. Let me know if you're interested!

This week feel free to include a link to ANY and all parenting related posts you've written over the last two weeks. As always, when it comes to link ups, they're more productive and fun if you link back to the person hosting so that your reader's can find everyone else's posts as well.

Have a Happy Monday Ladies!


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