The Dewy Skin Guide

Benefit Erase Paste Fair 01, L'Oreal Lash Architect, Rimmel Wake Me Up 100 Ivory, Kiko rose gold eyeshadow, Zoeva Luxe Highlight

Find the right cleanser.
Tight feeling skin does not equal clean skin. Your skin can feel both baby soft, non-greasy, and still very clean after a cleanse. You just need to find the right cleanser for your skin type. Clinique's Take the Day Off cleansing balm has really been working well for me lately. Keep looking until you find "the one." It's worth it. Starting with a healthy base makes a world of difference!

Apply liquid highlighter underneath liquid foundation.
I just pop it on the spots that I want to highlight, let it dry, and then go in with a brightening foundation*. This brightens up my face without making it look like a disco ball - very work appropriate. For days when I want a bit more glow I can always go back and highlight a bit more on top where I need it. I'm currently using High Beam by Benefit, but there are a lot of cheaper highlighters on the market now that do a good job as well.

*Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation really is worth the hype, but their color range is lacking for both pale and darker skinned ladies. I wear it in the lightest shade 100 Ivory.

Highlighting blushes,
like the 15. Bronze from H&M (seriously, why aren't more people talking about these blushes?), can really make your cheekbones pop. A million extra bonus points for blushes that highlight while containing no actual chunks of glitter!

A slightly salmon toned under eye concealer works well to counteract any under eye darkness. Benefit's Erase Paste in fair has pretty much saved me this pregnancy. I was worried about how pink it was until I tried it on. But as you can see in the photos it actually balances out those darker tones and looks natural on the skin.

Up until a week or so ago, I was suffering from extreme exhaustion, no matter how much I slept. My under eye circles (which I rarely experienced before pregnancy) were deep and dark, and the rest of my skin was very dull with slight grey tint to it thanks to the anemia. A combination of the Erase Paste, the Wake Me Up foundation, and iron supplements ;) helped me look much more presentable.


What are your favorite highlighting products? I've already got the Cindy Lou Manizer by The Balm. Any one know of any drugstore hidden gems?


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