The Bump at 29 Weeks • Mommy Monday

I love Saturday mornings.
It's when my weekly pregnancy count updates.

I feel like my bump is kind of small for how far along I am. I'm even measuring 3cm behind, but both my doctor and midwife think this is a good thing. Bébé was fine at the last ultrasound, and I have another coming up in February, so I should probably just calm down.

See my remote control down there in the left hand corner? This is why I'll never pretend to be a professional.

When we were looking for pictures on Pinterest for inspiration, we made fun of all the failed pictures of heart hands on belly. But then I totally failed when trying to recreate it. So it ended up looking a little more like a uterus than a heart, but all the love is still there!

Navy Zara Coat Essie Splash of grenadine nail polish light h&m maternity pregnancy pants

But really, how cute are these shoes? I picked them up from Ikks and just melted for the sequins. Plus, they're black!

We have this secret little resolution to buy as little pink for the baby as possible. Not because we don't love pink, but because both grandma's have gone a little overboard on the pink lovin'. We've also bought several lots of used clothing for her from Ebay and used baby girl's clothes tend to be pink. We'd just like to branch out and compliment her wardrobe with a few more colors.

Also, why are packs of black onesies not a thing? Black's classic, goes with everything, and doesn't stain easily.
Seems pretty practical if you ask me.


My goal from now until the delivery is to only post about motherly related things on Mondays. I have no desire to become a mommy blogger, but I still want to share some of my pregnancy related experiences. It's just such an overwhelming part of my life right now. I need to chat about it, so I hope you don't mind.

If there's any topic you'd like me to cover in particular, please let me know! I'm already planning a what's in my hospital bag post/video and maybe a post about what it's like to be pregnant in France. Let me know what you think!


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