The Best Galette des Rois in All of Lyon (According to the Experts)

Lyon is the gastronomic capitol of France and food is taken very seriously amongst certain social circles here. This is not a problem for me. :)

For the last few years, they've put together a yearly committee that dedicates a day to tasting these delicious King Cake's with Frangipane and voting on the best. This year the bakery Sebastian Bouillet won first place for this little wonder.

It's fantastic! Is it the best galette I've ever had? No. That prize still goes to a little bakery in the St. Bruno neighborhood in Grenoble. The Bouillet cake had a bit too much crust and not as much filling as I like, but that's just personal preference. Pretty sure I could eat that filling by the spoonful if given the chance.

Also, a warm galette served up with pistachio and vanilla icecream? That's my favorite!

For those of you who don't know, these king's cake are made every January throughout all of France to celebrate the Epiphany (when the three kings came bearing gifts for the baby Jesus). Inside each cake there's a special little figurine and the person who finds it wins! And by wins, I mean they get to wear a crown for the rest of the day. This is a holiday that's very well-loved by children of all ages.

So if you're ever visiting France in January, make sure you don't miss this!


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