The ABC's of Beauty • A New Series

I'm really excited about this new series and would love for you to participate as well if you're interested! In a nutshell, it's exactly what it sounds like. ;)

Every Friday, I'll be putting up a post based on a beauty theme that's inspired by a letter of the Alphabet. Some weeks it will be about a brand. Other weeks it will be about a beauty problem or tips and tricks. For example, next week, I'll be starting at the beginning with "A" for Acne - charming, right?

If you'd like to follow along and write about any of the topics, I would love for you put a link to your post in the comments! That way, others searching for more information or another perspective on that week's theme can find it easily.

I'll try to put up the whole topic list next week, but am more than
open to any suggestions you might have on topics that you're curious about. Especially if you have any suggestions for the letters Q or X!

B is for Blush or Brushes? What do you think?


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