How to Save A Lot of Money When Shopping on ASOS

Have you ever discovered a secret or trick that was so good you almost didn't want to tell anyone, fearing that it might disappear if you say it out loud? That's how I feel about this one.

I love Asos (and no one's paying me to say that). I love how there are thousands of options all in one place. I love the fact that they feature brands and products that you can't get anywhere else in France. And I love their easy return policy.

This will seriously save you so much money when you place an order with them! Tried and tested. :)

But I've always found them quite pricy, until a few weeks ago when a friend expressed how frustrated she was that Asos cost so much more in euros than it did back when she was paying in pounds.* So I did a little experimenting on their site and placed an order.

*Sadly, this tip will not be very helpful to those of you already living in the UK. :/ 

All you have to do is go here:

Switch your currency to British pounds. 

Leave your correct, current country for shipping. 

Order. At this point your credit card company or Paypal may charge you a small fee to convert the currency. I've never paid more than an extra euro or so for the conversion. But you'll save a ton because ASOS's pound pricing is so much cheaper, so it's worth it!



I used Google currency converter to see how much I was saving by using ASOS prices in pounds and was shocked to see that on some articles of clothing, you end up paying as much as 10€ extra per article when you switch to their euro pricing. :/

Obviously, the difference is sometimes a bit more reasonable, but I always end up saving money quite a bit of money when I go this route. This tip should work for anyone who's currently paying in Euros or American Dollars, and I imagine it would work for a lot of other currencies as well.

Please feel free to share this tip with anyone you know who likes ASOS as well.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


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