French Pharmacy Haul - The Baby Edition

There are so many fun things to buy for new babies! I'll admit, there's a small chance that I've been having a bit too much fun when it comes to baby skin care.

You know how everyone goes on and on about how French pharmacies are these fantastic treasure troves of skincare goodness? Well the same holds true for their baby skincare. There's just so much choice, and in such pretty, pretty packaging! I'm a total sucker, and thought I'd share a few of the bits and bobs that I've picked up so far. :)

Uriage Foaming and Cleansing Soap Free Cream.
It seems that most pediatricians, midwives, and French websites in general recommend going the Soap free route when it comes to taking care of baby's skin. There are tons of options in the pharmacy, but a lady at work told me that I would have the best smelling baby ever if I used this, so I'm really keen to try it out.

Changing creams. 
Both of these came as gifts with other purchases, but based on a quick ingredient scan, it looks like both the Mustella and the Uriage should work well with cloth diapers. Fingers crossed!

We're actually planning on using a wash cloth with warm water or fragrance-free liniment (not sure what it's actually called in English). But if grandma volunteers to babysit, we need to change baby in public, or we find ourselves in a pinch for a variety of other reasons - Mustella wipes it is!

Uriage Baby Micellar Water. 
I picked ours from the brand Uriage, but don't have a photo here. The bottle dropped, the lid broke, and we had to transfer what we could salvage into a less-pretty, retired shower gel bottle. My husband was pretty upset at first when he realized that he'd broken something of the baby's, but then got all excited when he bent down to clean it up. "Hey! This smells great! Our baby's going to smell fantastic!"

La Roche Posay Serozinc.
This is a zinc sulfate solution that beauty bloggers have raved on and on about this year for it's acne healing qualities. But it's also sold as a diaper rash solution. It smells and feels like water, but works miracles on those humid little baby thigh plies. A few different French brands also sell "baby" versions of this. But the ingredients are exactly the same. The only difference is that you pay more for less product in a cuter bottle with the baby version.


Obviously, I'm still missing a few things, and we won't be trying the scented products out on her newborn skin straight away. But I'm just starting out the third trimester, so I think it's safe to say I've got time to fill in the gaps.

Disclaimer: This is in no way a review. Baby's not even here yet! I just wanted to share, because preparing for the arrival for bébé is awfully fun.


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