Dressing Le Bump • Très Casual

I'm a lazy dresser most days. Being comfortable is a top priority, and seeing as today's a snowy Saturday, I reserve the right to dress ridiculously undone.

That being said, I still appreciate when the pieces in my wardrobe are well cut, streamlined, and matching. Unless I'm running late, it's 6am, and we're talking about socks. In that case, I throw on whatever socks are on top of the pile.

Gap Maternity T-shirts have been a staple in my wardrobe throughout this pregnancy. They're long enough, cut well, and grow with your belly.

I have two from tops H&M as well, but those just do not work for me at all. They've got this strange dart stitch that runs across my boobs, aren't long enough now that I have an actual belly, ride up throughout the day, and are absolutely huge in the neck area.

I've completely given up on trying to hide my bra straps while wearing the H&M maternity tops. No one likes fighting a losing battle, and I've come to accept that they just don't work with my body type.

See those boots? They are from Ash and more comfortable than my sneakers. 

Who says you can't wear heels while pregnant?

Also, to give credit where credit is due, H&M does awesome statement necklaces, that hold up much better than some of the slightly more expensive brands....

And last but not least, a little photo to sum up how I've been feeling lately...

Happy Weekend Friends!


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