A Quick Update on the Youtube Front

Just in case you'd like to follow along, I've started updating my Youtube channel a bit more frequently. It's really fun, and I still feel a bit silly about the whole thing, but the chatty nature of it really appeals to me. I thought I'd just take a second to explain to you what's going on with all that.

You can expect hauls, makeup looks, reviews, favorites, the occasional vlog, a few bits and pieces about living in France, pregnancy, and basically anything that I like chatting with my girlfriends about, because that's why I'm on Youtube. I miss long talks in English with my girlfriends (the time difference and busy schedules makes catch up rare).

I plan on uploading a pregnancy video every Sunday or Monday to go with my Mommy Monday posts, but other than that I don't have a set schedule by any means! I'll just pop them up as I go over the next month or so, while I figure out what works best for me.

At the moment, I experience a few too many "technical" difficulties stemming from my own ignorance to promise anything.

I would love some feedback as to what types of video you might like to see, or think might be useful for other people. Imovie is still a mystery to me and I need to get a fair amount of practice in.

Tomorrow's post might show up a bit later in the day as I have a maternity dental check up.... Whatever that means. I've had bad luck with dentist's since moving to France, so hopefully this one will work out! The reviews on Yelp looked promising.

Happy Monday Friends!

P.S. I would LOVE for you to subscribe to my channel (or share it with others) if you think it might interest you.


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