A Natural Deodorant that Actually Works | Eau des Minimes Deodorant Review

I can't think of a charming way to put this so let's just dive right in:

Anyone else find that natural deodorant sweat often smells worse than just plain BO? 

At first, I assumed that it was just me. My body chemistry just wasn't mixing with these "safe" deodorants (which are super easy to find in France by the way). Then I got a good whiff of my fellow Metro passengers this last August and realized that there were several of us suffering from the same natural deodorant scent. I was ready to pull out the white flag on my search for an effective, aluminum free deodorant,

But then I found my miracle product, randomly, in a little neighborhood shop, just across the street!

Finally found a natural deodorant that doesn't leave me smelling funky at the end of the day.


• Keeps the smells away (all the smells)
• Lasts through a 10-12 day (after which I reapply)
• Smells like Essential Oils, very nature-y (very much a con for some, pro for others)
• Totally natural
• No intimidating chemicals
• Works even when it's warm outside


• Very little sweat control
• Roll-on: so you need to let it dry before putting your arms down or it will move around
• MUST shake before each and every use
• Twice the price of regular deodorant
• A bit drying on my arm pits
• Not super easy to find

If you're in France, you can find it on their official site and at certain Marionnaud stores.
If you're in America, you can find it on Amazon.


I'm still not convinced that all of the fear mongering surrounding chemical deodorants is warranted, but it's good to know I've got options. Will I repurchase? Maybe. If it's on sale. In any case, it is effective. So if you're on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually keeps you smelling great, this one is worth checking out!

Has anyone else found a natural deodorant that works well for them?


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