The Baby Name Game

Many moons ago, I wrote a very opinionated post about a few French/American baby names that wouldn't work for us. I wrote it in a whimsical, what-if, one-day, dreamy stated of mind, figuring that when the time came we'd "just know."

Well guess what? That little mental list of "not-the-one" names is ginormous now and growing everyday. We've had a boy name picked out since the beginning of our marriage, but the girl name's are hard for us. There are so many gorgeous names! How do you pick just one?

A couple of times we've both gone "Yeah, we love it!" only to change our minds a few weeks later. I'm guessing this difficulty has something to do with how much we've overthought and built up the expectations in our heads. It really is just a name after all. Insert rosy Shakespeare cliché here.

Things to Consider:

What if this is our only child? The only one we'll ever get to name?

What if there are 5 other children in her Moyenne Section class with this name?

Is this name easily pronounced in French and English?

Have either of us ever had a sucky experience with someone who had this name?

Have any family members - from either side - had a significant relationship that ended poorly with someone who had this name? 

Potentially embarrassing initials in French or English?

What are the cultural associations linked with that name?

(A name that's gorgeous in English might just be a porn star name in French and vice versa)

Do we love it?

I didn't really panic until my pregnancy app announced that I only had 100 days to go! We're at 26 weeks now and no where near finding that magical First + Middle + Last name combo. Yikes!

Any tips? 

Not necessarily suggestions of names, but ideas for narrowing down the list and picking the right one?


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