Mini Zara Home Christmas Haul

It's Monday and I'm sitting in my husband's large, extra soft bath robe and listening to the new Taylor Swift album. Not that I'm a fan or anything, but I may or may not have spent the last week stalking her instagram, looking out for those new lyrics she's been artistically framing.

It's been a good day.

Also I bought my first Christmas candle ever today. (Please excuse the tacky background)

Look at how pretty the packaging is! The tall middle box is Zara's Gingerbread home spray and the fancy square box contains a matching candle. Hopefully, my house will be smelling like Christmas in no time.

Wouldn't these make the cutest presents? If they stand up well to the test run chez moi this week, I'll definitely be going out to pick up a few for our loved ones. Laurent is convinced that his Grandma would love "that sort of thing!" So I guess this is what she'll be getting for Christmas.

See that cute little reindeer oven mitt underneath? I just love it. It's also my new and only oven mitt. The rest of them (all stained remnants of my husband's bachelor days) somehow magically disappeared in the move, and I'm more than okay with that. As a side note, it was the only Christmas themed mitt in the whole store, and I got the last one, so you may want to check online if you'd fancy one.


Where are your favorite places to pick up Christmas goodies? Also, did anyone else not know that Zara Home existed until recently? I had no clue until I passed it in the street the other day. Crazy.

Happy Monday!


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