If You Could Only Buy One - MAC Lipsticks

The first MAC lipstick purchase seems to be every beauty blogger's initiation into the world of serious makeup fandom. Don't believe me? Just type "My first mac lipstick" into google. 3,490,000 hits show up and just skimming the page summaries should give you a good idea of how seriously these women take their MAC lippies. Youtube is full of massive Mac Lipstick collections and women's personal sagas about their journey with Mac Lipsticks.

It's all a bit over the top and ridiculous. And I absolutely love it.

That being said, MAC lipsticks aren't exactly cheap. I certainly can't justify going out and popping five of them into my shopping basket in one go. For my first purchase, I spent way more time than I'd like to admit researching the absolute best MAC lipstick for beginners before going in. Then, after heading down to my local store, I picked the saleswoman's brain for a good 15 minutes before making my final decision.

But in the end, I bought a winner - the absolute best MAC lipstick, in my opinion, for new shoppers who can only buy one and suck at making up their minds (like me). 

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Patisserie

- It's really easy to wear.
- You don't need a mirror or lipliner to apply it.
- It completes any make up look, no matter what blush you pair it with.
- It looks good on both warm and cool skin tones.
- You can dress it up or down.
- It won't dry out your lips.

Now is this the prettiest or most extravagant lipstick shade? Probably not. I'm not even going to promise that it will show up in my top 5 favorites a few years down the road. 

But it is the color I reach for the most often and would recommend to anyone who's jumping into the world of lipstick for the first time. This is one that isn't likely to rot in the back of your Muji storage.

The makeup artist in the MAC store also told me that this was the color the artists jump to when someone is particularly picky or difficult to color match. It's a solid choice and looks fantastic in photos. 


So what do you think? What was your first lipstick purchase - Mac or otherwise? I'm always looking for a good shade to add to my wish list. :)


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