Favorite Products for Dry, Irritable Skin

Normally, I'm more of a combination type of girl - oily t-zone, with normal to dry cheeks and the occasional breakout. Often these breakouts are hormonal and annoyingly punctual, as in, a few days before my period a few pop up on my chin or forehead. My skin is painfully predictable that way.

In fact, it so predictable, that when those pretty little buttons (the familiar French term for zits) don't show up on time, I know I should probably take a pregnancy test. For some odd - most likely hormonal - reason, being pregnant just seems to suck all the extra oil out of my face, even before I miss my period.

So this time around, I found a couple of products that really just fit the bill for me and leave my skin soft and slightly dewy, without breaking me out.

Take the day off by Clinique is my first ever cleansing balm and I'm converted.  How something can go on feeling that oily and leave my skin feeling so stinking clean after, I'll never know. But I love it. Plus there's absolutely no scent/perfume whatsoever, which is great news for anyone with sensitive skin or morning sickness.

As for that little Lush pot you see up there, Celeste (Celestial in English), it just gives off a light vanilla smell, that didn't make sick like many other moisturizers did. It full of almond oil, almond milk, coco butter, and a few other fancy things. I only need a unshelled peanut sized amount to moisturize my whole face and my skin just loves it. No grease, no zits, no dry, peeling skin. Win! That being said, I really wouldn't recommend this to someone with oily skin. It might just be a bit too moisturizing.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with Lush on this blog before? Because we've had a deep, head-over-heels type thing going on over the last few months.

Now, if anyone would like to share an effective anti-stretch mark cream, with a smell that doesn't make your stomach turn, I'm all ears....


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