You Need These Shoes

No. Not exactly this pair per se. But a good pair of pain-free, brightly colored flats quickly liven up a plain outfit without making you look too much younger. Anyone else find that from time to time dressing their age is a challenge? One too many colors in my OOTD, and the lady at the bookstore is asking me if I'll be needing a back-to-school calendar for my high school classes*

I've been on a difficult wardrobe journey ever since university ended. Everything was so simple back then. Leggings, an extra large sweatshirt, and fake Ugg boots, were all anyone expected me to wear to a 7:00 am class.

But that era quickly ended, and I needed to start dressing like a grown up, like somebody a future boss could see herself hiring. The challenge sounded rather fun, until my online shopping cart got out of hand, and I realized that acceptable adult clothing tends to be pretty expensive.

In the end, I decided to stick mostly with basics. Though I've certainly made exceptions for random bits and bobs that I've loved along the way, there's nothing easier to throw together in the morning than jeans and well cut top. The only tricky thing about dealing with basics is that things can sometimes get a little bit boring.

My solution? These shoes! (and statement necklaces, colored pants, fun lipsticks, etc.)

Teal flats from the sales at New Look. 

I have this perfect first day of work outfit image in my head, in which I'm wearing a loose white blouse, these shoes, and a sharp pair of blue jeans.

Now if only I could find that perfect white blouse... :)

*Unfortunately that really happened last fall. 


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