The Perfect Nude Manicure

I know it's summer, and we're supposed to be rocking the bright oranges and pinks right now, but I still love a good nude mani. It just looks professional and lady like. I also love seeing what other people use to get their fingers and toes in tip-top condition, and so today, I'm sharing my routine with you.

First off, I like to remove any old polish and make sure my nails get a clean start. Leader Price's Polish Remover is both effective and cheap, which is exactly what I look for in a remover. Then I wash my hands and apply a fairly rich, but not too greasy lotion. At the moment, I'm using up the last of my Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream, which I love to smear on when I want to feel fancy, but just as a warning, the smell is really, really strong. Make sure you smell it before buying. This is by far the classiest brand of hand cream that I own, which makes it perfect for those I-just-had-a-crappy-day-at-work pampering sessions.

I let that sink in for a few minutes before reaching for my orange stick. These come in pretty much very manicure kit, even the cheapo ones, and I have no preference when it comes to brands on this one. They're really great for pushing back cuticles after you've let some cream soak into nails for a few minutes.

Btw, why did I not know this until recently? I used to just use the stick on it's own and get frustrated when my cuticles would break. Letting them soften first is key, and makes the whole process less messy.

Now that my cuticles are pushed back and I've let the cream soak in a bit. I like to use a good base coat, preferably one that also serves as a good top coat. But be warned that not all base coats are created equal. Some will make your polish chip even faster. I've never had too much luck before trying the Nail Girls 3-in-1 Base/Top Coat. 

It showed up in my Glossybox and I was more than pleasantly surprised when my manicure lasted a full week before chipping. A FULL WEEK! Normally, my manicures last 2-3 days before they start majorly chipping. I'm a convert. Kind of made the whole 6 month Glossybox subscription worth it.

After that's fully dried, it's time to polish up and for a good nude manicure, I absolutely adore OPI's Tickle My France-y. This is one of those colors that only OPI can do and no online photo I've seen really does it justice. It's nude, but with a bit pink, and maybe a hint of lilac or a touch of grey. The color is just so multidimensional. When I wear it, I feel like I'm a woman who's really got her act together.

I put on two coats, let it dry thoroughly between each layer, and then go back to the Nail Girls 3-in-1 for my top coat.



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