The Friday Confessional

Note: The following is just my personal opinion and I am by no means an expert. It's just another perspective to consider while your making your choice.


There's a lie that I often read on blogs, especially in blogging advice posts. To be fair it's only a half lie, but I would really love to know what you ladies (and maybe gentlemen, though I don't know of any that read my blog) think.

"You don't need a fancy/expensive camera to take good pictures and have a successful blog."

Picture of my new camera, taken by my old point-and-shoot. See how crappy it is? It was time for a change!

Technically, this is correct in certain circumstances. But I've blogged with both, and I have to disagree with this statement as a whole. Here's why:

Do you like having to take a million shots before getting one that looks decent?

You can definitely find good quality, basic digital cameras. But you won't have nearly as much control as you do on a bridge or a DSLR.

What define's success?

If you're just in blogging because you love the creative outlet, want a platform to express your opinions, need to keep your mom update on your life, or just love the community, then you'll probably be 100% fine a with a simple camera.

But if success to you means having a million followers or making your blog as professional looking as possible, you're going to really want a nicer camera. Perhaps not right away, but eventually you'll want to invest in something with a bit more control. 

Are you really happy with the quality of photos that get from your point-and-shoot?

Because I really wasn't. It was a pain in the but getting a decent shot, as I'm a terrible photographer, and I'm so happy to have switched over. Even in auto mode my photos are about a bazillion times better. 

What type of blogger are you?

Lifestyle bloggers can usually get away with mediocre pictures, or even no photos if the writing is good. Readers are there for the story. But if you write a lot about beauty, fashion, or cooking, people will take you much more seriously if you take pretty pictures. No one will want to try a recipe if the photo next to it is completely unappealing.

And why do nearly all of the bloggers who say you don't need one have a fancy/expensive camera themselves? 

If it wasn't incredibly helpful, wouldn't that just be a huge waste of money?

In the end...

The majority of people start their blogs using a little point-and-shoot or their iphone. That's perfectly fine, and you should absolutely get started even if you don't have nice equipment. But if you're blogging often and want people to take your blog seriously, you will most likely want to make the switch later on. 

Do you need to? No. You don't need to do anything. It's your blog.

Will it make your life a heck of a lot easier? Absolutely. There's a reason that nearly everyone does it. You spend a lot less time editing if your photos look good to begin with.


I might be wrong on this one, and if I am, please call me out. But it's been something I've been thinking about ever since I picked up my Canon 600D. I kept reading every where how you don't need a nice camera and how over rated they are, but I couldn't disagree more. So far this DSLR has been worth every penny.

What do you ladies think?

Warning: Having a nice camera will not turn you into a fabulous photographer. That takes a lot of hard work and/or talent. Hence why my photos are better, but they're by no means professional.


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