The Best French Beauty Websites

France has some fabulous, fabulous beauty products. They also have some crappy ones (just like every other country). Unfortunately, when you're just starting out, it's hard to figure out what's actually worth spending money in a new country.

I have officially spent three years in France and as you know, LOVE experimenting with all things beauty related. I'm embarrassed to say that it's one of my favorite things about living in a new country. So many pretty things to try! Unfortunately, I've also run into lots of cruddy products and really could have used some advice back in the beginning.

Luckily, I've found quite a few great resources over the last few years. Hopefully, these will be helpful for you if you're living in France or just a rather good read if you're just a francophile.
This is the French version of Make Up Alley Review and it's brilliant. For most products they list the ingredients and if you place your mouse over each ingredient, a little blurb pops up explaining what the ingredient does.

Fragrance Direct
This is a UK make up website, but all the French beauty gurus stock up here because it's so much cheaper. Shipping is cheap and usually fairly quick - unless you order perfume or nail polish. In that case they're required by law to ground ship your order and it might take a few weeks. My order took 3, but it was worth it.

Enjoy Pheonix - She's definitely younger than me and I don't always agree with her reviews, but she's just kind of awesome. She's entertaining with being "like totally, literally, obsessed," with every single product she tries.

Elsa - She often looks for hard to find products and then tells you where she got them. Plus she gives really good advice. Her personality is endearing, without being over-the-top and I kind of wish we were friends.

If you have any other links that you recommend, I would love to check them out. Please share! :)


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