H&M's Recycling Program - A Great Excuse for New Clothing

I can never quite bring myself to throw out clothing that's in decent shape. Heck, I even feel guilty throwing away completely unwearable clothes. It just seems like such a shame and such a waste - or maybe I just have hoarding tendencies. Is anyone else as weird as I am when it comes to that sort of thing?

Let's rewind to last Christmas, when I started looking for a place to donate my old clothing and coming up short. Who would have guessed that while out buying my husband's Christmas Eve PJ's, I would find that my local H&M accepts clothing donations? Needless to say, I was thrilled. I recommend checking out your local branch.  Many of their stores worldwide are accepting donations right now, even if the clothes are in bad shape.

I believe the program changes slightly depending on where you live. But in my area, they give all the clothing that's still in good condition to charity, and then they recycle the clothes are that holey, stained, or otherwise beat up. Pretty sweet, right?

But the real cherry on the cake is the 5€ voucher they give you for every bag of clothing (3 items per bag) that you bring in. Since I planned on getting rid of the clothes anyway, this was quite the happy surprise. You do have to make a purchase of at least 30€ in H&M in order to use the coupon, but considering that I buy most of my clothes there anyway, this is definitely not a problem for me.

Did you know you can take your old clothes into H&M and exchange them for coupons?! This is Awesome!

It's a great option if you're wanting to clean out your wardrobe soon and don't know where to dispose of the clothing that you no longer want. Plus, the coupon gives you a great excuse to go shopping again soon.

You can get five dollars off this cute outfit from H&M, just buy donating your old clothes - even if they're unwearable!
A few bits and bobs from H&M that I wear all the time.

Note: I am not by any means sponsored or even encouraged by H&M to post this. It just turned out to be a really convenient program for me, and I wanted to let you know about it too.

Happy Wednesday friends!


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