Budget Beauty: The Summer Edition

After two long weeks of rain, the sun is finally back, and we're feeling the summer heat. I find myself coming back to some old favorites, as well as loving a few recent additions. 

As you've probably noticed, cat flick eyes are back - big time, and I've been loving testing out new liners. But I always go back to my old favorite Maybelline's Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner when I want to make a statement. I've been using this for over a year now (which probably means I need to replace it), but it hasn't dried out at all, and I LOVE the look this gives. Even the cheap, little brush that comes with it is fairly good quality.

As far as being waterproof, I certainly wouldn't go swimming in this. But it does hold up perfectly until I wash it off at night.

Moving onto my daily base, I've recently rediscovered NYX HD Photogenic Concealer. I found it while shopping my stash, and couldn't believe I'd forgotten about it. The coverage is perfect for days when your under-eyes are looking a little less lively than usual. 

As for primer, I'm skipping the full face prep. I'm liking a lighter-coverage look right now and the Mat Base from Kiko is perfect. It's transparent and feels almost a bit like glue, which totally freaked me out the first time I used it. But I got over that quickly when I realized how efficient it was. On really hot days, I like to apply the tiniest bit to the areas that I know get greasy throughout the day, but that's where my foundation tends to fade the quickest. This definitely calms things down, and I don't need to use powder after applying this.

But for days when I need a bit more coverage or I want to hide a few zits, I reach for my Bourjois Healthy Balance setting powder in Vanilla #52. As always, Bourjois is spot on when it comes to complexion perfecting. This powder never looks cakey, even when I have to reapply several times throughout the day.

Ever want to try highlights, but sure how light you'd like to go? I'm not sure this exists outside of France, but several brands here have launch a slow lightening bleaching jelly. You can apply this all over for a touch of sun, apply it to the ends for an ombré effect, or apply it where you'd light some natural-looking highlights to show through.

I'm using Garnier's Gelee Eclaircissante, and this one takes up to three applications before you notice a difference, but that's the way I like it. Slow and steady. It's much less damaging that going very light in one shot. Though still somewhat damaging, because adding bleach to your hair is never very nourishing.

Heading further south, Revlon Colorburst Balms are taking care of all my lip color needs at the moment. If you're looking for a bold (slightly orange toned) red, then their matte balm in #240 Striking should give you the glamorous look you're going for.


Seriously though - Has anyone outside of France seen these lightening hair jellies? My sister would love this stuff, but I don't know if there's an equivalent I can recommend, and I'm pretty sure customs would freak out if I shipped anything with bleach in it stateside. Might be wrong. Just guessing. :)


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