Don't Make Fun of Me

The first thing my husband said after seeing me try them on at home: "You actually paid for those? I'm pretty sure I could have done the same thing to pair you already own with my box cutter."

The next morning, a lady at worked  made a comment along the same lines, and I just laughed.

I love them. A little part of me realizes that my 14 year old self would be ridiculously proud of this purchase, and I wonder if these jeans are less than age appropriate. But I really can't bring myself to care all that much, because I love the way they fit, and I've never had the guts to buy myself a pair like this.

How hard is it for you ladies to find pants that fit? Because I generally have to try on 10 pairs before finding one that's just right. Granted, this might be because I only buy relatively cheap jeans (30€ or less). I just can't bring myself to "invest" in things like jeans (especially if they have holes in the knees).

That's besides the point though. These pants were cheap and they fit just the way I like.

Originally: 30€
Paid: 25€ - Because H&M is doing this awesome clothing drive program, where if you bring in 3 articles of clothing (even if they have stains or holes), you get 5€ off a 30€ purchases. Here's the link for an explanation of the program in English.

Guess where all my holey winter sweaters went? :)

This post was not sponsored. I paid for these clothes with my own money and a coupon that I got from donating clothes. 

Here's the makeup that went with that oufit:

P.S. Most of my clothes come from H&M because it has one of the best price/quality ratios among all the clothing stores in my town. Everyone keeps saying that Zara is such a great European budget clothing shop, but really? I can't help but think that those people and I just don't have definition of budget. They've got gorgeous, tasteful stuff, but I really only buy stuff there during their big sales.

Be sure to tell me about one of your guilty pleasure fashion purchases!


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