The Concealer Trick You Need in Your Life

Hint: It's also free. (Almost)

Concealer creases under your eyes. It just does. Some formulas crease a tiny little bit and others crease a lot. But in either case, a friend recently gave me a tip that you have to try out for yourself. It's so ridiculously easy and cheap.

Blend or tap on your concealer, then blot with tissue paper.

Seriously. That's it.

Just apply your concealer as normal and gently press a piece of Kleenex (or even toilet paper if you're desperate) against the freshly made up area. Blot, blot, blot. Then look at your tissue paper and be slightly grossed out by all the excess liquids it's picked up.

You know how tissues are 2-ply and come with two thin sheets stuck together? Just pull them apart and use one. The other sheet can go back into your makeup box and be used tomorrow.

It's great for the under eye area and your face in general to be well moisturized, but if you have too much moisture, it makes it easier for your makeup to slip around and slide into every little line. So blot off the excess and your concealer is much more likely to stay where you put it all day long.

As a disclaimer, some concealers just suck in general, but this trick should be able to help with most.

Bonus Tip: Feel free to blot over your foundation as well to make it last longer and stay put.


What are your favorite ways to make sure your makeup lasts all day?


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