My Top 10 Beauty Blunders

We won't even start this post with the standard disclaimer that comes with these sorts of topics, "I'm not an expert... YadaYadaYada... You can do your makeup however you want... BlahBlahBlah..."

I'm assuming that you're all smart enough to know that already. ;)

So let's just skip to the funny part where I tell you all how I used to make myself look like an idiot/silly.

Anyone who's ever worn makeup knows how awkward things can be when you're first starting out. I remember being SO convinced that I was following the "rules" and applying things the way you're supposed to.

Make sure you tell me below the silly things that you used to do to "doll yourself up."

1. Wearing Green Eye Shadow - every single day for years.
My mom sold Avon when I was in middle school, and she told me that you should always wear eye shadow that matches your eye color to make them standout. So I wore green eye shadow, and only green eye shadow, every day for 3 years. 

2. Applying Eyeliner on the Bus
All of my friends in middle school wore black eyeliner (top and bottom lids) and I just thought it looked so cool. Unfortunately, my mother thought it looked trashy and told me that I couldn't wear it until I was 17. So I would apply it every morning on the bus to school. The ride wasn't the smoothest and I'm sure that my application was a little rocky. 

3. Not Using Brushes
If it doesn't come with a brush, you're supposed to use your fingers, right?
Wrong. Brushes are magical and a good set will make your makeup application so much easier and prettier. It's like the difference between finger painting and using high quality painting brushes. You just have so much more control and so many more possibilities.

4. Not Using a Base Coat
Base coats prevent your nails from turning yellow under your polish. If you paint your nails, you need a good base in your life.

5. Crappy Lighting
Every time I apply my makeup in my bathroom, I end up looking completely different as soon as I step outside. The perfect blush application in my bathroom, looks like clown makeup in the light of day. So unfortunate.

I now apply cosmetics as often as possible in natural lighting. Whenever I try out a new look, I make sure to practice it in day light first. That way, when I have to wake up for work before the crack of dawn, I know more or less how to get the look I want no matter how poor the lighting situation is.

6. Not Blending my Makeup Enough
Great blending takes you from "Wow, look how pretty her makeup is!" to "Wow! She's pretty!"
This is especially true for eye shadow. I'm still working on this, but I promise that it makes a huge difference! Just watch a few Lisa Eldridge tutorials and you'll see what I mean.

7. Smearing on Under Eye Concealer
You're supposed to tap it on gently with your ring finger. When you rub it on, you're really rubbing most of it off... Pat, pat, pat. Makes such a big difference coverage wise.

8. Not Keeping My Makeup Organized
Shoving everything into one big box is a pretty good way to assure that getting ready in the morning will take me at least twice as long as I was planning.

9. Trying to Dye My Brown Hair Blonde - At Home
It just damaged my hair and turned it orange/yellow. Not pretty. If you're completely changing the color of your hair, please see a professional colorist (at least the first time).

10. Wishing I Looked Like Somebody Else
I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin these days, but I definitely wasn't as a teenager. I used to try and copy makeup looks or outfits from girls that I found really cool, or pretty, or edgy. But then I would get frustrated when I still didn't look as good as they did.

I've come to a point over the last few years though, where I can look at a woman and think she's gorgeous, even be completely inspired by her, yet not want to actually be her. I still see makeup or clothing on people that I find completely stunning, and I'll totally try to recreate the look later. But now, if I end up looking like a total idiot, I just laugh it off or try to adjust it a bit so that it fits me better.


This was a originally a "tag" post, but nobody tagged me and I still wanted to do it. So if you would like to do it, consider yourself tagged and make sure you link your post below so that I can read it.

What were/are your worst beauty offenses? 


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