Holy Cow It Works! - Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

Have you tried these yet? I always feel a bit like the Little Mermaid when I use this one.

Seanik (Océanix) Solid Shampoo Bar from Lush

I've got thin textured hair but loads of it, so I really didn't think a "solid shampoo bar" would cut it for my locks. But when I ran out of my regular L'Oreal, I decide to check out Lush for something a little more fun.

It might be shallow and stupid, but I felt in love with this one because it was pretty and had real seaweed in it. No regrets though. I feel a bit like a certain Disney princess every time I use it, and it makes my hair look lovely.

Just make sure if you'd like to invest in a shampoo bar that you pick one suited for your scalp and hair type. This one seems to be geared more towards people on the slightly oily to oily side, which fits my profile at the moment. Picking a shampoo for my hair has been a nightmare recently. Going through 3 miscarriages in a seven month period will definitely make your hair and your skin an absolute hormonal mess.

The Nitty-Gritty

How I use it:

I get my hair really wet and then swipe this across the top and the sides. Just three to four swipes is all I need. The first time I applied it I went a little overboard, because I thought this would really suck at lathering up and getting all over my scalp. Turns out, a little goes a ridiculously long way with this stuff.

Then I just massage the heck out of it and rinse thoroughly. I always follow up with conditioner, but am still on the hunt for a good one. Any recommendations?


It's pretty.
Good for the environment.
Deep cleans really well.
Smells lovely - very similar to the Rub Rub Rub scrub and very much unisex.
Paraben free
The people who made it received an honest wage.
Cruelty Free!
Long lasting.
Lathers up really nicely.


Perhaps a bit too drying if you wash your hair everyday. (This might be a pro if you suffer from greasy hair)
Not for people with dry scalps.
Can get pretty slippery.
If left in the shower after sudsing up, some product waste may occur.

Now, you do have to buy the little silver tin to store it in separately, but that only costs like 2€, and you can reuse it for years to come. To be honest though, you probably don't even really need to buy the tin. I'm sure we all have a small empty container (i.e. Tupperware, clean yogurt pot, soap dish, etc.)  somewhere where your solid shampoo will feel right at home.


What shampoo are you loving right now? And which is your favorite? I could always use a few recommendations for next time!


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