Dress Option #1

So I really suck at clothes shopping because a) I never ever know what size I'm going to be and feel judged when taking 4 different sizes of the same pair of pants into a dressing room and b) clothing in France is ridiculously overpriced. I just can't justify spending that much when I know that I could get the same item, same exact brand for a quarter of the price back home.

Oh yes, and let's not forget c) 70% of the things I try on look absolutely ridiculous on me. 

Having an entire wardrobe that fits into two drawers is a good thing, right? It certainly works for me. 

But alas, the spring/summer wedding season is upon us and my old, warm-weather dresses are in a very pitiful state. I'm going to be needing at least 2 or 3 new ones to hold on until the end of August.

Currently, I'm on the look out for something that slightly fancy and still "I just threw this together," to wear to a wedding in Paris at the end of this month. I'm definitely feeling the pressure.

Enter H&M:

Not sure why I'm raising my eyebrow in both of these photos... :/

I keep seeing the cropped shirt over a high-waisted skirt trend pop up every wear. I like it, but I want to be a 100% certain that absolutely no one sees my belly. This dress is just perfect because it looks like I'm going for that trend and have actually worked hard on an outfit, but really it's just a one piece and nobody can see my tummy. It's a winner all around. :)

Plus, those vertical stripes make you look loads skinnier. They have another version of  this dress that comes with a white top and a solid black bottom, but it just made me look so boxy.


What types of dresses would you recommend for a spring wedding?


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