Well that's just embarrassing...

I've been living in France (collectively) for nearly 3 years now. 3 years. And someone just corrected me on this little vocab slip up about a month ago.

Think about how often mention your phone being on vibrate. This is something that comes up quite often in modern conversation.

"No, that couldn't be my phone. My cell's on vibrate."
"Don't forget to put your phone on vibrate when we get to church."
"Oh shoot! I forgot to take my phone off vibrate and missed 3 calls!"

The topic just comes up relatively frequently. So guess what I've been telling everybody?

"J'ai mis mon portable en vibrateur."

When I should have said:

"J'ai mis mon portable en vibreur."

Yep. So basically, I went around telling people (my boss, Laurent, my in-laws, people at church, etc.) that my phone was on vibrator mode, and no one corrected me - for three years.

That was until a few months ago, when I said it in front of a friend, and she just burst out laughing. "What you do with your phone during your personal time is none of my business! I wish my phone had a vibrator mode."

Slightly mortified, I asked my husband why he'd never corrected me. He just smirked.



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