Spend or Save: Kiko Eyelash Curler

I'm pretty faithful when it comes to eyelash curlers.

The little La Cross model that I've used since middle school wasn't that bad. It did in fact curl my lashes. The pad was rounded and made out of silicone, which is exactly what you want. It's the cheap flat rubber pads that make you look like your eyelashes got stuck in a door jam that you really want to avoid.

That sucker has lasted me a good ten years before finally kicking the bucket last week.

Unfortunately, it was also too small for my eye shape, so I had trouble getting all my lashes curled evenly. I incorrectly assumed that the occasional pinching that I experienced was completely normal. It's not.

While hunting for the best eyelash curler ever to replace the old, I stumbled across this Shu Uerma dupe:

A cheap Shu Uerma eyelash curler dupe! Finally!

That's right. This Kiko eyelash curler cost me a total of 5.90€ and it's freaking fantastic. I absolutely recommend it.

Unless you hate the Shu Uerma curlers of course. Then you should just stay clear of this one.

I'd planned on investing 20€ in a fancy eyelash curler before finding this one, because they last such a long time. If the tool costs you 20€ and you use it for 10 years, that's an invest of 2€ a year - completely reasonable. But if you can find the exact same thing for a fourth of the price, why pay more?

The Good:

No pinching

No pulling out lashes

Easy to use


Gets EVERY lash!

Amazing curl & hold

The Bad:

Won't last ten years because it's impossible to buy the extra silicone pads/cushions separately
(It only comes with two)

Stiff at first, so you need to pump it a few times before the first use

No comforting pads where you put your fingers to squeeze


Side story: I told my husband that I'd bought a new eyelash curler and he went, "Oh good! Because your last one looked like some kind of torture device!"

Sorry sweetie. They all pretty much look the same (more or less).

And if you're wondering why expensive eyelash curlers work in the first place, and if they're even worth the splurge, check out this article.

Let me know if you've already tried Kiko's and what you think of it. Do you think eyelash curlers are worth splurging on? Anyone have a favorite that they'd recommend?


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