FOTD - Drugstore Version

Most of the time, I like to go for low priced products that have great reviews, and ocassionally splurge on products that I know will last a long time or for special occasions (i.e. my wedding) . I just got my order in from Fragrance Direct, a discount beauty website based in England that ships cheaply to France, and I'm in the process of trying to test everything out. So today I mixed the new in with old and put together an all drugstore face of the day.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum #52 Vanille

Collection 2000 in Light

Kiko Eye Base
Surprisingly good. Keeps my eye makeup in place for about 9 hours. Maybe not the best primer ever, but it gets the job done, especially for everyday wear, and comes in a lovely hygienic little tube.

Sleek Contour Kit in Light
For my favorite nudey shadow look of the moment, I use the bronzer shade all over my lid and over my crease. I then swept the highlighter lightly over the lid. I didn't actually use it for contouring purposes this time around.

Sumita Brow Set
I really like this and use it on days when I have a bit more time in the morning to do my makeup. That being said, I'm not yet convinced it's worth repurchasing. I'm also not sure that it's drugstore.

Sleek I-Divine Palette in "Oh So Special"
The medium-brown shade on the bottom is an excellent eyebrow filler and matches my eyebrows perfectly.

Lashblast Fusion Mascara

H&M Liquid Eyeliner in Black
This eyeliner is fairly good and stays on all day with a primer underneath. Without a primer, it's not that great - think panda eyes and chipped eyeliner after 4-5 hours.

Kiko Blush

Astor Perfect Stay Lip in Nude Sweetness
I love the color, but this product is really not for dry lips - at all. It's a bit dehydrating. But as long as you don't have any dry patches it will feel and look really nice as soon as you apply the balm at the other end of the tube.

This only costs a 1€.

Kiko Kiss Balm
This came free with my last purchases so I figured it'd be crap, but I actually like it pretty well. This is the color that I popped into my purse for touch ups.

My camera is dying and only takes decent pictures when it's in a good mood. But I still think this will give you an overall idea, despite the blur. 

I'm also sporting 2nd day hair and Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo. 

Overall Look: Extremely work appropriate with a few light touches of pink.

P.s. My skin isn't actually that flawless nor that pale. It's just the the dying camera making things go wonky.

My computer and my camera are both starting to reach the end of their lives at the same time. So that's going to cost a pretty penny when they finally kick the bucket. Any recommendations as far as that goes?


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