February Favorites

One of the best and worst things about February is that it flies by so quickly. This February had a lot of ups and downs for us, including a last minute surgery and a beautiful Valentine's day surrounded by loved ones. I'm happy to say it's almost behind me and am very much looking forward to spring.

Favorites posts/videos are a bit of a weak spot of mine. I specifically search them out and when I find a favorite new blogger, the first thing I do is stalk all her old favorites posts. So I thought my own version would be an entirely appropriate way for me to end February.

Not all of these products are new to me, but these are things that I have been using and loving this month. Make sure you let me know what you've been loving this month in the comments.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
Absolutely saved my chapped winter skin without breaking me out. I thought serums were a waste of money before buying this, but now I know better. This is great for anyone who gets dehydrated skin. So fresh and light, yet SUPER hydrating. I'm in love.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm 
The one in the pot a.k.a The Good Stuff
we're just going to pretend like the one in the tube doesn't exist
If you are in France, you absolutely must try this. Prices in pharmacy vary from 6.50-12€, so shop around for the best price. It dries matte (which means it's perfect under lipstick) and keep your lips moisturized for HOURS.

You know that slight panic you get when you're running out of toothpaste? That's how I feel with this lip balm. I feel the need to stock up because heaven knows what I would do if I ran out.

Also it smells/taste like lemon curd. Win.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains
I've got the originals in Crush and Honey, and I recently picked up the new matte version in the color Striking (a gorgeous tomato red). I can see why these might not be for everyone, but I'm really bummed that I didn't test them out sooner. Now I want them in every color!

Borrowed this picture from my Instagram. I'm sporting the Striking color here.

Monoprix Bio Soin Contour Des Yeux
Cheap (5€), organic, and moisturizers. So if you're looking for a non-irritating simple eye cream this one is really worth checking. It doesn't promise to do anything but moisturize, and it does that beautifully.

Bourjois Healthy Glow Cream to Powder Blush
As long as they are good quality, I'm a big cream blush fan. But this one just takes the cake, and even has the Wayne Goss stamp of approval. The #2 color is rather peachy, which makes it perfect for pairing with all of those orange-y lip colors that are so on trend at the moment.

Bourjois CC Cream in Light Beige #32
When I have five minutes to throw on my makeup before running out the door, I do not want to have to worry about perfectly blending and correctly apply a full cover foundation. That's just not a priority at 6:30 in the morning. This has been my go-to, just slap it on my face and run, base lately. It leaves a semi-matte finish, doesn't make me break out, doesn't oxidize during the day, and doesn't give that nasty "fading in patches" effect.

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch
This is my FAVORITE lip color. I was expecting to to look like a bright or muted orange because of how it looks in the tube. But as soon as I put it on, it turns into a natural apricot/peach redish tone. My natural lips have a lot of peach undertone, so this color is absolutely perfect for me.

The only down side is that I had originally been looking for a lip crayon with a lot of bright orange payoff, and I'd still like to find one. Any recommendations?


If you would like individual detailed reviews about any of these products, just let me know! :)

What have been your favorites this month? Do you have any recommendations?


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