Best Foundation Shade Matches - Light Beige

As somewhat of a disclaimer, I pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to being easy to match foundation wise. You won't ever hear me complaining about how hard it is for me to find brands that cater to my skin tone. That would just be whiny and untrue.

For reference, I'm on the deeper end of the fair/light colored spectrum with neutral undertones - i.e. pretty much as average and neutral as a white person can get.

However, when I'm looking for a new foundation I like checking out online references from people with similar skin tones so that I can get the right color on the first try.

As far as brands go, I'm a firm believer that some drugstore foundations are just as good or better than high end foundations. Unfortunately, you can rarely try the drugstores foundations on, and if I have to buy 3 foundations before I find the right color, I might have just as well bought the more expensive brand in first place. You know what I mean?

Best Foundation Matches for Light Beige Skintones

So here are my best foundation matches. I'm not necessarily recommending these foundations. But if you know you match one of these shades, you might find that the others are a good match for you as well. Possibly. :) Good luck.

Make Up Forever HD foundation -125 Sand

Nars Sheer Glow - Light 4 Deauville

*Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - #52 Vanille

Covergirl Clean Liquid Makeup - #125 Buff Beige

Neutrogena Healthy Skin - Nude

*I originally bought this online thinking that #53 would be a great match because it was "beige claire." Light beige pretty much sums up my skin tone perfectly, but this was just a touch too dark. I really have to blend it in to make it work. It will, however, be absolutely perfect this summer if I happen to get a tan.


I don't currently own all of these foundations, but I have owned and used up a full bottle of each in the past.

BTW - I found at least three different websites/blogs that claimed Rimmel Wake Me up in Soft Beige was a perfect match for people who wear NARS Deauville. None of those sites had swatches.

Um... No. Just No. Look at it. That sucker is dark.
Beautiful formula - Wrong color.

Swatches for Light Beige Foundations
Natural Light - No Flash


I know that this post won't be relevant to many of you, but I always find these types of posts really useful while I'm googleing a new foundation. So hopefully, some random person will stumble across this one day and find it somewhat helpful.


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