A Little Explanation

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. You may have noticed that my blog's slowly been switching from lifestyle to beauty. The lifestyle posts will keep coming, but I definitely plan on including more and more beauty related material.

Now as much as I'd love for you stick around, I completely understand if that's not your thing and you'd like to check out. You will very much be missed. I totally aware that I've lucked out in the subscriber department. All my readers seem to be both intelligent & kind, even when they disagree with me (a rare find on the internet these days).

To be honest this really isn't some new short-term obsession of mine. I've been enamored with creams and powders ever since my mom started selling Avon when I was twelve. Writing and researching about the topic makes me really happy. It's all so terribly fun and exciting.

You know that wonderful feeling of excitement that you got on Christmas morning when you were 8? That's how I feel every time I open a brand new makeup palette or come home with a brand new lipstick.

This sudden change of topic is also due to recent events in my personal life that have really been getting me down. I've been going through the grieving process far from home as well running into a few medical complications, and as silly I feel saying this, makeup has been a really good escape for me. It makes me happy and helps me to focus on other things. Good, happy, unimportant, silly things.

Not to mention, mixing colors and painting my face gives me a wonderful creative outlet. :)


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. It's been abnormally warm here, which I'm loving.

P.s. Happy Late Valentine's Day!


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