What do you mean that's not Yogurt?

Many of you who've studied/lived in France have probably run across a dairy product that's known as "Petit-Suisse." Whether you've just passed it in the yogurt section of your local market, or you know and spend lots of time with French children, Petit-Suisses tend to show up quite a bit.

I just discovered it a few weeks ago and can't believe I've been missing out for so long. I'd heard of it - many, many times before. But I just figured that Petit-Suisses were child-sized mini yogurts, because I've only ever seen children eat them. I mentioned this to one of my cheese loving colleagues, and she seemed every so slightly ticked off that I felt that way. She also thought it was terrible that I'd never tried one.

Turns out they are actually a type of "fromage frais" (fresh cheese). Yep. Thought let's be honest. I'm not really sure what that is either. I don't think it's the same as yogurt, but I could be wrong.

I'm wrong an awful lot.

Doesn't matter - they're adorable, and I still think of them as baby yogurts. Gervais is my favorite brand of the moment (cheese-loving-colleague would probably be upset that I didn't pick something a bit more rustic and less commercial). I tried a few store brands, and they were just fine. But Petit-Suisses should never be "just fine". If they are, you're missing out.

You see? It's so thick that it's standing up on its own.

For me, Petit-Suisses is similar to yogurt much much thicker, compact, and smoother. SO smooth and creamy. The texture wins me over every time. It's just fantastic. And if you're like me and think everything is cuter in miniature, you might be won over by the visual aspect of this as well.

I like to buy the plain ones and mix them with fruit or jam - custom flavoring.This is because the fruit flavored Petit-Suisses often have drawings of children or cartoon characters on the packaging. I get the feeling they're marketed towards children. Slight warning though, it usually (maybe always?) comes wrapped in non-edible paper that feels kind of wet and gross while you're removing it. They put that in there to absorb the excess humidity, which I appreciate. The thicker the cream, the better.


Good heavens. I just dedicated 6 paragraphs to describe a non-yogurt product thing. Whatever. I love it. So if you're in France, and you feel lost in the yogurt aisle like I do (so many choices!), I really think you should give this one a go. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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