Last week, a few people on Twitter asked me to blog a bit more about what I've been up to lately, and to be honest I've had a hard time figuring out how I would write this post. We've had several very sad things happen recently, which is part of why the blog went private for a while. I needed some time to grieve and really didn't feel up to responding to questions or e-mails. So I'm terribly sorry if you tried to contact me during that time or if I seemed distant. One day I'll be ready to talk about what happened but I'm just not there yet.

I'm getting better and feeling a bit less sad every day. We still have a lot of blessings in our life that I'm very grateful for, and so I've decided to fill you in on some of those happier things instead. Silver linings, right? There's always a silver lining.

Listening to: Laurent studying real estate law. He memorizes his notes and then reads them back to me while I look over the papers to make sure he hasn't missed anything.

Wearing: A coral-colored Sweet Kiss Shine Bourjois lipstick that I've fallen in love with. The color name is "Juicy Tangerine." Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Sassy maybe?

I bought it on a whim because it was on sale for 4€, which turned out to be a fantastic bargain. The formula is exactly how I like my lipstick - hydrating, but not glossy or sticky, and never shows up on my teeth. After it dries a bit I don't feel like I'm wearing lipstick anymore, but it leaves behind a gorgeous coating of color. Perfect.

It looks really orange here. I promise it's definitely a bit more pink than that. I just took the pic while writing this post, and it's night time, so the lighting sucks. 

Hoping: That it won't snow this winter. It's the middle of January and things look good so far. .:Knocks on wood:.

Watching: YouTube videos. I would like to thank Ellen Degeneres for making her show available via clips for those living abroad. She's my favorite comedian/talk show host. Always good for when you desperately need some cheering up.

Enjoying: The sales! I've been very good about not spending money the last few months and les soldes have not disappointed this year. Totally worth the wait! I got a new pair of jeans at H&M that were the last in my size. I tried them on, and they just fit wonderfully- first pair I tried. That's never happened to me before! I took it as a sign and bought them.

Eating: Spinach Gnocchi. Hmmm... I'm not a fan. They aren't terrible by any means, but I'm not a spinach fan in general. Fulfilling one (two if you count the spinach in the Gnocchi as a vegetable serving) of my New Year's objectives though!


P.s. Are "currently" posts still a thing in blogger land? I feel like a lot has changed in the last 3 months. Some one told me that giveaways weren't a thing anymore either. That's news to me. Some one up date me please!


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