Beauty Hacks

1. Mixing a bit of your favorite foundation with a bit of primer makes an awesome BB cream. The light coverage is great for every day and you already know that color matches.

2. You know that trick for when you're pregnant and your pants don't fit anymore? The one where you string a hair band through the button hole in your pants and then attach it back on to the button so that your pants still stay up?

This also works if you've gained weight, or your significant other has. Just don't tell them that it's a trick generally intended for pregnant women.

3. A bit of strong hairspray on hair your finger or on a clean mascara brush works just as well as most clear brow gels.

4. Matte brown eye shadows can make a great brow powder and, if they aren't too muddy colored, can be awesome as a contouring bronzer.

5. Lipstick can often double as blush if you're really in a pinch. Lip gloss, generally, cannot.

6. You can easily make personalized dental whitening trays at home for less than $1. Thank you YouTube.

7.  Bought a face cream that breaks you out or just sucks at hydrating your face properly? Try using it as a leg or foot cream instead.

8. Mix your favorite shower gel with a bitter of coarse cane sugar - Instant exfoliating scrub.

9. Does your face wash gently remove oil, dirt, and make up, without drying your face out? Then it will probably be an awesome brush cleaner - definitely much better than your shampoo.

Roche-Posay's Effaclar face wash is the BEST make up brush cleaner that I've ever tried. Its formula is soap-free and super gentle which means it won't damage the brush, but it also fights acne and removes oil. Pefect.

10. Has your natural bristle hair brush gotten all gunked up with fluff that doesn't want to come out? Run a fine-toothed comb through it starting at the base of the bristles and pushing up towards the ends. It will pull all that crap right up.


Your turn! What are your favorite beauty hacks/tricks?


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