What's In A Name?

Names are a really fun part about learning a new language. Names have so much significance and really reflect on the current culture. Truth be told, I always thought of French names as a little stuffy and fancy sounding in a comical way. But I work regularly with very young French people and can assure you that names have changed a ton since they wrote your high school's French textbook. Pierre, Jean Claude, and Jacques don't even make the top twenty.

My husband's friends and mine all seem to be going through a severe case of baby fever. One of my friends just announced that she's expecting, another will be having a little boy in November, and we know of at least three other couples who are in the planning/trying process.  So the topic of names has been coming up a lot and I've been highly entertained by their responses.

Here's a look at France's most popular baby names for 2012.

What do you think? Are there any names that you are surprised didn't make the cut? Any that you can't believe made the top twenty? Favorites? :)


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